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The Law of Faith

What is perhaps the greatest thing that keeps young children excited and motivated? Undoubtedly, it has to be hope. At Christmas, the child hopes with all her heart that Santa Claus will not forget her and will give her lots of wonderful presents. It is that same child who hopes and prays that mother and father will get back together again after a separation or a divorce. She also has faith that the weather will be just right to go on that camping trip with her friends. During a soccer game, the child trusts that her team will come out the victor. She also has confidence that the tooth fairy will come during the night to leave a shiny dime or a quarter under her pillow. If the child is ill, she believes that good health will soon be restored. If a pet cat dies, the child hopes that it will be well again in cat heaven. When the child loses a favorite toy, she expects that it will somehow be found and returned. When any kind of disaster occurs for the child and the people whom she cherishes, the child hopes that some force of some kind, greater than herself, will make things right again.

Why do you think children keep on hoping even when they constantly encounter disappointment after disappointment in their life? If things you hoped for never happened, would you not stop hoping? It seems that, even if only one in ten or twenty things hoped for by children actually happens, this single one realization gives them reason enough to continue hoping for other things. They believe that if this one thing can happen, then other things are also possible. Hope is never extinguished because the child knows at a profound spiritual level that the potential for all things exists. This child therefore continues to trust or hope that what she desires will somehow manifest.

The Universal Law of Faith makes you aware that, in terms of energy, all that exists is One. This means that you have a connection to the Source, All That Is, God, or the Greater Organizational Intelligence allowing you to know things that you may not have seen, heard, or read about. You have a direct link to the All. When you hope for something, you know subconsciously and intuitively that the things for which you are hoping are completely in the realm of the possible. You can trust that these things will manifest if you truly believe and know it to be so at the profound subconscious level. You also understand that your desires manifest only if they are for the greater good, that is, you understand that you will not necessarily get what you want or desire. Since things are all interconnected, what is good for you might not be the best for everyone else who is involved in your particular life scenario. In the grand scheme of things, what occurs has to be the best for everyone, not just for you. Life lessons have to be learned by all. Hoping therefore means believing, trusting, having complete faith or confidence, and expecting things to be a certain way for the greater good of all.

If you do not have a sense of oneness, and you view your world as separateness, then you will experience what is known as blind faith. Blind faith is when you anticipate a certain outcome without knowing why it will come about. It is like taking a shot in the dark. With blind faith, sometimes that for which you hope manifests, but like the slot machines in the casino, the probabilities are not very much in your favor.

Hope is a wonderful attribute because as long as you keep hoping, even though it might be through blind faith, it gives you reason to pursue goals and continue to be tenacious. Otherwise, you would oftentimes find yourself completely discouraged following certain upsetting events in your life, and you would immediately give up, knowing that there is no more hope. Miners stuck in a mine shaft after a collapse do not give up hope of a rescue until there is no more hope. They believe that there are powers greater than the human force at work and that although things appear to be hopeless, there is still some chance that with the guidance and help of higher forces, they will come out of their situation, alive. If they despair and lose all hope, then they will start doing things to further endanger their lives transmitting their fear based energy to all the others who are trapped with them and will probably end up dying. Without hope, it is easy to despair. With hope, you can move mountains.

I believe that the young child feels his connection clearly to the Source in his early years. When he relaxes or in the moments when he becomes quiet, he channels information that is for his greater good. It is the adults who think they know what is best for him, that begin to interfere and make him lose confidence in his own capabilities. Allow yourself to be like the child again, with the full confidence and knowledge that everything you can ever imagine is totally possible because all potential is within. When you hope for something, know that it is already a reality. There is no longer any need to hope blindly. If you desire something and it is for the Higher Good, know with certainty in your heart that, as it is above, so it is below.


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