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This Morning OutLook!

Once again the universe is teaching me another lesson in listening to your intuition/heart. I need to accept that I’m still a very young chickie.

Today’s horoscope:
We’re emotionally restless, feeling our way around the possibilities in our life, but resistant to settling on any one option for now. Venus, the planet of personal love, forms an uncomfortable quincunx with Neptune, the planet of spiritual love. We cannot find the right balance between our specific individual desires and our more ethereal need for a connection with the cosmos, making it easy to lose our way in relationships without even realizing it.

Another amazing accurate reading, I’m totally unbalanced with the one. I’ve been running myself in the ground, because I’m too busy listening to my ego and not my intuition/heart. Once I accept my ego in my heart I will balance out and become one again.

Other sign was this (randomly choice this read today):
When we can be honest with ourselves about what we truly desire, then we can connect our desires to the creative power of the spirit within us. Knowing that we are one with the energy of the universe allows us release any need for defense. Trusting that power, we know that we are exactly where we are meant to be, and that challenges bring gifts of growth and experience. When we can put down arms raised in defense, then we are free to use our hands, minds, hearts and spirits to mold and shape our abundant energy to create and live our lives.

WOW! Can you say epiphany!



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