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**Realize that you damage yourself psychologically, psychically and spiritually if your attitude is not positive, no matter what negative events or conditions may arise.

–Psychologically, you damage yourself by accepting failure thoughts that become part of your subconscious mind and form failure thought patterns, which will not relieve the present situation but only compound it and lead to further difficulties in the future.

– Psychically, you damage yourself by failing to maintain a positive attitude, by telepathically radiating out vibrations of failure to others, which in turn, attract further situations of failure and negativity into your life.

– Spiritually, you damage yourself by putting a negative attitude about yourself, through your thoughts, into the mind of the Universe/or God. There is but ONE MIND flowing throughout all creation in nature, and what you think about yourself and life is accepted as so by the UNIVERSAL MIND, and acted upon accordingly in the creative process of nature.

**A positive attitude about ones self and one’s life can best be formed by accepting a spiritual foundation upon which one’s self image rests.

**A positive attitude does not accept defeat but regroups and adjusts by being open to intuitive self-direction from one’s HIGHER MIND or GOD MIND. This may indicate that one should try something entirely different, or take a different approach then that already in use.

** A positive transcendent attitude recognizes that there is a POWER at work in one’s life that transcends the temporary limitations of time and space within each negative condition has arisen. No lesser temporary power can stand up for long against the ULTIMATE ETERNAL POWER if one’s attitude is an acceptance of such.

**A positive transcendent attitude knows that there are certain spiritual laws constantly at work to clear up any negative conditioning. These laws are automatically set in motion by the maintenance of a positive attitude.


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