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Definition of frat boys

1.) See homosexual
2.) The same neanderthalistic douchebags that used to play high school football and talk about how shitty you were in high school who now joined a homoerotic club so they can rape each other’s ass in private.
3.) A collection of date-rapists that like to drink shitty beer and “stick it in” passed out drunk girls.
4.) Scum of the earth.
5.) A collection of the people with the smallest penises on a college campus.


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  1. Wow you’re an idiot. I could generalize a group of people too, but it doesn’t make it right. Seeing as I am in a fraternity, not a “frat”, I am going to apply you’re definition to myself and see how it works.

    1) Well I am not homosexual, so I guess that is out.
    2) I did not play football in high school, I played soccer. But I guess technically that’s futbol, but I doubt you meant that. And last time I checked, no one was raping each other in the ass. But hey maybe they are doing it in private.
    3) This one actually makes me a little upset. I am actually offended that you would call me or any of my brothers a date-rapists. I would never ever do that, and I actually have a family member that was molested so you can shut your goddamn mouth and stop accusing people of things like that.
    4) I am a little shocked that you consider fraternity members to be lower than, oh I don’t know, Hitler.
    5) The fact that you know this is a little strange to me. I do not think I have even seen any of my brother’s penises. It’s none of my business how “big” they are and I don’t really care.

    It’s pretty funny to me that people hate fraternity and sorority members so much that they come up with silly definitions like this. I don’t hate people that are not Greek, so why do you hate me so much?

    Grow up.

    Comment by Chris | June 16, 2008 | Reply

  2. Mmmmm, that fits all my requirements for Fratboys! Send them over and I’ll teach them a lesson or two!

    Comment by Peter | August 29, 2008 | Reply

  3. So OK how big is his penis

    Comment by Edward | September 14, 2008 | Reply

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