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Weekend Scope

Our emotions sharpen and deepen as the Moon enters passionate Scorpio at 10:59 am EDT. Gone is the easygoing Libra influence; especially as Venus runs into a tough square with Chiron the Wounded Healer. We are reminded of past events where feelings led us astray or heartache arose from thwarted desires. Love may not be simple now, for it’s hard to prevent unpleasant memories from tainting the present moment, even if the situations are very different.

Yeah, this was totally correct!

These last few days of the Sun’s visit to earthy Taurus are especially nice. Regardless of troubles that have been at our door, everything is looking better today. Sweet Venus, the key planet for Taurus, forms a magical trine with opulent Jupiter, bringing good news about love and money. Additionally, Venus harmonizes with electric Uranus, adding the element of surprise to our day that would normally be held in check by the strong-willed Scorpio Moon.

I hope its better today.

I’m exhausted and my chest is still hurting from Friday’s events.


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