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Red Rooster General Rules

General Rules

1. We open at 9p.m. – 2a.m. Monday through Thrusday, 8 p.m.- 3 a.m. Friday – Saturday, 6 p.m. – 11 p.m. on Sunday. Please do not come to the house during off hours or early. Enter at the posted times only. Times may change for special events, please review the EVENTS PAGE.

2. Go Directly to the Party house. The Party house is a private home, do not go during the day or early for the party. No reservations are required, everyone is welcome at the Vegas Red Rooster. Directions to the house are on the Directions Page.

3. Follow directions of the parking lot attendant.

4. Upon arrival, check your coat at the front door and make your donation. Donations can only be made with cash. If you need to return to your car, or wish to go outside for fresh air, you must get your hand stamped to re-enter. This is done at the front door.

5. The club has a Bring Your Own Bottle bar, and you must check your alcohol in at the bar. If you bring beer, we appreciate it if you bring in cans instead of bottles. We supply the following mixers; coke, diet coke, 7-up, tonic, club soda, ginger ale, orange juice, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice. If you want other mixers, you must bring them in with your alcohol. We also serve coffee and have filtered water.

6. There is no smoking in the bedrooms upstairs, and the group room. On the weekends, there is also a no smoking section at the bar. Please be considerate of others.

7. Upstairs is for couples only. To be a couple, you must be a man and a woman, and come to the party with your partner and a couples pass. You cannot meet someone at the club and go upstairs together.Couples are expected to stay together when they go into the couples area. One person may go down to the bar to get drinks, but is expected to return upstairs as soon as possible. Breaking this rule can cause you to be removed from the house. To go into the couples only play areas you must be naked, both men and women. There is no drinks or smoking in the play areas in the couples only area.

8. No drinks or smoking on the dance floor, group room or play rooms.

9. No touching or joining without permission. Ignoring this rule can cause you to be removed from the house.

10. Please remember that this is a private home and treat it as you would your own. Please don’t drop cigarette butts or ashes on the carpet or floor.

11. NO MEANS NO. If you ask someone for a phone number, to dance or to party and they say no, don’t ask again. NO means NO! If they change their mind, they will ask you.

12. No Drugs of any kind inside or outside of the House! You will be removed from the house for having drugs. This also means no use of drugs anywhere on the property, Including the Parking lot. If you have to use drugs, use them at your house!

13. PARKING Couples and single women are to park in the off street parking lot next to the party house. Single men are to park in the off street lower parking lot south of the party house. Please, DO NOT PARK ON THE PUBLIC STREET when coming to the Rooster Party House.

14. GROUP ROOM – My favorite
Everyone is allowed in the Group room. The Group Room is a play area, and a voyeur area. If you are in the group room and not playing you are NOT allowed on the beds. If you are standing and watching then please do it quietly. There is no need for talking in that room. Respect the people that are playing. Once you are done playing please do not sit around on the beds and talk. The beds are for people to play, not have meetings. No drinks or smoking is allowed in the group room. If you take towels in the group room pick them up as you leave.

If you desire to use a locker for the night, bring your own pad lock. The Rooster does not supply locks. As you leave each night, remove your lock. These lockers are not for just your private use all week. They are for everyone to use. All locks that are left on lockers will be cut off and the contents of the locker will be disposed of.

NO Cameras of any type are allowed in the Red Rooster Party House. There is no Cell phone usage in the house. If you need to make a phone call please take your cell phone out in front of the house to make the call.

This should be common sense but if a door is closed, DO NOT OPEN IT! This includes bathroom and bedroom doors. A Closed Door means STAY OUT!


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