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Good Morning World!

I have a question, why do men always leaves me to just to come back a few years later saying that they regret it? This happens all of the time. Right now, Steven, who’s next? I’m not a difficult lady, I’m more a giver than a taker. I don’t understand this.

Today, is going to be an odd day, I can feel it. I woke up to a bee in my window trying to escape. What does bees mean? Hmmm… I need to look this one up.

Universe is the stage on which you dance, guided by your heart. Uncles! I’m sorry to say, I’m not ready for Boise. I know that we’re been dancing with the thought of me moving there, but I’m not ready to get back on the horse. I had a little taste and… I don’t think so. I should stay in this barbaric, transient place and gather my thoughts.

For the first time in my life, I kind of wanna use my head and not my heart. But, thats the key to me, is my heart. I’m unique in that way. Not most people use their heart. A friend told me once, while he was drunk (drink 🙂 lol) that he’s so pissed off at himself for not loving me back, but yet I was the best thing for him and that I’m going to make a man very happy in life. Well, this hasn’t happened. It’s funny, because I only want women. This world of barbaric men are pushing me away from them. I just don’t know how to deal with them.

Now, my first morning cup of Joe is cold, so its time to med… and get some yoga in before go to work.

Have a great day Universe!


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