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Shift of Consciousness

By: Michael Stephens

At this time we have an enormous opportunity to let go and become present. By letting go of our current challenges and disappointments we can step into a powerful state of being present.

Have you ever had a thought or feeling of something, acknowledged it, and then watched how easily it showed up? This is an example of how perfectly we create and shape our lives when we are being present.

The more we can let go of our minds plans and agenda, the more easily we can step into our true power of manifesting from the present.

So what may seem like a stagnant process to reach our dreams is really an opportunity. We can move from the idea of frustration to a process of manifesting a better life by following the below steps.

1. Let go in your mind of what is not working, disappointing or challenging.
2. Become present and pay attention to just being or sitting still. Let go of any challenging or frustrating ideas that come up.
3. Pay attention to any feeling or vision you get while sitting still. These can range from simple feelings of love, joy or happiness to complex visions of what your future may be like.
4. Allow your self to really sit still, feel and be present with these dreams or visions.
5. Repeat this and allow as many dreams, feelings or visions to come to you as needed.
6. Reflect on these dreams and visions as they come to you and get used to harmonizing with them as you move through your day. The more we harmonize with them, the more they become our reality.


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