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Gemini & Aries

This combination sometimes leads to a great deal of bickering due to the strong differences of opinion about sex. Gemini is a mercurial sign and the mind plays an important part in all sexual encounters. The emotional Mars-influenced Aries native may prove be too much for the conventional nature of Gemini. All in all, Gemini respects the refined and intellectual approach to continual bliss and, over the course of time, the impatient Aries could find this frustrating…possibly trying to find a less difficult companion. Basically, this is far from a great match, but it can work with understanding and effort. Eventually, Gemini may prove to be the “reality check” that Aries needs to calm down. If not, then the Aries energy level may be far too much for Gemini to handle.

Nonetheless, this will certainly be a far from boring relationship. Both Aries and Gemini love to talk and they share a special compatibility, with Gemini being as restless and anxious to try new things as is Aries. There are no inhibitions on either side and Gemini is clever enough to counter the Aries need for domination. Eventually, Gemini may seek extra outside stimulation, but he or she is likely to be discreet about it. Both minds mesh well here…Aries being dynamic and intelligent with Gemini being versatile and ingenious. In sexual terms, Aries is likely to be the leader but Gemini will take delight in thinking up variations to keep Aries’ interest at a peak.


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