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Body, Mind and Spirit Assessment

Understanding the Assessment Results

Our assessment is based on the following approach. Human beings have three kinds of awareness. We generally are either feeling emotions, sensing our bodies, or thinking. “Spiriting” is hard to define. In the Eastern culture it is often described as an empty mind. One is not experiencing bodily sensation, emotion, or thinking about something. Let’s say your assessment results are the following:

Body Mind Spirit
19 23 22

A person who has this “score” experiences relatively more of life through the mind and spiritual components of awareness. Less energy or importance is devoted to emotional and body oriented sensations. There are no right or wrong answers. Further, the assessment was not designed to provide a score of 19 out of 30 but to give relative weights between these three categories. The point of the assessment is to provide a diagnostic tool to help one’s self-awareness. Our theory is that health is enhanced when balance between the categories exists.

Your Assessment Results

Body Mind Spirit
23 12 25

Your dominant component is Spirit, which makes you emotionally sensitive and responsive. You are a very people-oriented person, and can sense thoughts and feelings of others easily.

Your sixth sense abilities tend toward “claircognizant” – information/answers are simply “available” for you. Your mental and physical energy tends to run in bursts, and you love excitement and new things/ideas. You can be summed up as “changeable.”

Your strong body component lends you a grounding quality to your spirit: you are generally optimistic and enjoy life’s finer things and pleasures. You are often the hub of a social network of friends and family, and you can be passionately empathetic with those you care about. You live mostly in the present, flowing well through life’s challenges. When your Mind component is not nurtured, you tend to be overweight or a chronic meddler. You become unrealistic in your expectations – of others, especially at work or in romantic relationships, and of your own actions. You can become consumed by worry and self-doubt, agonizing over decisions.

Now that you have discovered your dominant mode of being, you can select from the practice areas below to increase balance in your life. We believe the current medical culture places too much emphasis on treating symptoms and also disempowers the individual. Health is enhanced by integrating all three components. This is accomplished by shifting your time and energy from one mode of being to another. Activities that will strengthen your Mind component will be very beneficial. Mind in this sense is defined as your creative and reasoning component, that aspect of you that chooses your experience and life choices, and applies the will to make things you want come about.

To choose from the list below, select one thing to explore by using your sixth sense abilities: take a breath and let it out, relax and say to yourself “I already know the answer here,” and then as you go over the list, ask yourself for each name, “Should I explore this one now? Yes or no” and listen for the answer – it’ll just pop into your head. Stay relaxed and non-judgmental, and trust the answer, even if you don’t know much about the activity. You can learn the details as you explore and nurture your Mind component. building your mind balance for discipline, moving to the positive for your body and spirit components


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