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I call BullShit!

Date: Jul 31, 2007 11:42 PM

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Subject: RE: RE: Hey…
Body: OK..Good!=)
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From: Enrich Adorn Lushes Red Head
Date: Jul 31, 2007 11:24 PM

Hey Lady, Elton is a cool guy. Us meaning as Elton and I. Well, we just hang out. I never had any issue with you or him or you guys being together. When Elton told me about you two, he was just being straight forward and with no details. He was being honest about it that it. He wasn’t gossiping about it. Which is great, because that shows what kind of man he is. He doesn’t really talk about you and him. Hmmm… there’s no issues here. no big deal.


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From: Oh So Glamorous!!!!
Date: Jul 31, 2007 11:13 PM

Hey Brandy,
I hope that your week has been great and that you’re well. I just wanted to clear some things up with you before things start to escalade and get out of hand. It has been brought to my attention that you are seeing a lot more of Elton lately…Maybe dating??? I don’t know what your status with him is, but I want to make sure that you know that I don’t have a problem with you or anything..If you and him are a couple thats fine…I could care less who he is with. What does bother me is that some things are being mentioned to you and others about me and him …He as a MAN shouldn’t be telling you and others what happened. stuff like that needs to be kept private. I could easily go around and tell people what happened but i won’t because i am a woman with class and know how to respect people’s privacy. I won’t mention names as to who is informing me of this, but I will ask you and Elton to keep my name out of your mouths. Whatever happened between me and him is OVER. I no longer want to talk or have any kind of relationship with him. I also want you to know that I will be moving to Vegas soon and want you to know that I do go to the show often and will eventually see him there. The last thing I want is DRAMA. I try to stay out of that as much as possible. I hope that you don’t find this letter offensive or rude, I’m not a mean person, I LOVE making new friends and by all means, if you feel like you have made a new friend, then thats GREAT! I don’t want a guy to jeapordize that. You seem like a nice girl and if I offended you, I am sorry. It wasn’t my intention. I am looking forward to your reply. Hope all is well!


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