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No worries

I do not worry.I am in control of my own thinking & I think only those thoughts which create & fulfill the best in me.
My mind is constantly in tune with the positive. It is bright, cheerful, enthusiastic, and full of good, positive thoughts & ideas.
I am able to relax easily & comfortably in my body & in my mind. I am calm, confident,& self-assured.
My mind is orderly & well organized. I consciously choose what I think & I always choose those thoughts which are the most positive & beneficial for me.
All of my thoughts create healthiness whithin me.
My mind dwells only on those thoughts which create more harmony, balance, and well-being whithin me andin the world around me.
I automatically, & always, think in a decisive & determined way.
I am full of resolution *& the absolute assurance of the best possible outcome in everything that I do.
I choose to look at the wourld around me in the bright, healthy light of optimism & self-assurance.
I do only those things which are best for me. I create the best within myself, I attract the best in others, & I find the best in the world around me.
I willingly, & without fail, take care of the duties & obligations which I have accepted for myself.
I commit only to those responsibilities which I know I can fulfill.
I focus the attention of my mind only on those things that  I can do something about. If I cannot  affect it or direct it–I accept it.
I keep my mind too busy thinking good,healthy,positive,construc

tive,& productive thoughts to ever have any time to worry.
I control the thoughts I choose.No thought, at any time, can dwellin my mind withoutmy approval or persmission.
I never worry.


February 11, 2007 - Posted by | Be

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