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I’m taking this moment to reflect on this year. I started this year fighting the tide, now I’m flowing with the tide. I learn how to forgive and to release energy and gain courage in the end.

I had a startling dream a couple nights again and haven’t been able to make since of it until I read this poem.


I held you close to me tried to surrounded you and protected you with my love, to keep you safe from all harm, but it was not what you needed. I wanted to keep you for myself encircled, sheltered.

Instead of allowing you to grow and flourish spread your wings explore your potential. I now realize I cannot contain you, and that your happiness is best discovered without me. To let you go knowing I must set you free, This is the hardest task I have ever done. Fly away, Fly high, Fly free.

Disappear from my sight, quickly and do not look back, for if you do. You will see a smile covering the broken heart. But the tears of loss are slowly replaced with tears of joy knowing your happiness will soon follow. May your wings take you to magical places, and all your dreams be fulfilled. Be happy in all you do and may one day find your true love. That is what I have always wanted for you.


 I’m not letting go of a love or boy. I’m letting myself go. My startling dream was a reflection of my life.


December 19, 2006 - Posted by | Be

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