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my saturday night

Pink Floyd plays in the background
‘Coming Back to Life’..echoes in my mind
I lay here relaxing to the sound
Feelings emotions of a different kind.

Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society
Blares ‘Damage Is Done’
Removing all anxiety…
Knowing I’m not the only one.

Alice In Chains
With ‘No Excuses’
Rattles my brain
With thoughts it induces.

And Blue October
With ..’What If We Could’
Knocks me cold sober
…a tune that is so good.

Atlanta Rhythm Section
Sings an oldie….’So Into You’
I hear it with affection
Remembering someone I once knew.

Snow Patrol now plays
The beautiful ‘Chasing Cars’
And my mind strays…
To a place very far.

30 Seconds To Mars
Jams ‘The Kill’ my favorite of all
And I wish I was under the stars
While into this music I fall.

It will be a good night
Finally a feeling of peace
The stars again shining bright
As I feel all worry release..


November 28, 2006 - Posted by | Be

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