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Blushing tomato. Carrot top. Freckle face. Red in the Head. Woodpecker. I was called them all but I liked my hair and couldn’t be intimidated. Much. It’s unlikely that a redheaded youngster – male or female – can reach adulthood without being the brunt of hair names.

The odd thing is that once we are adult, the table turns to admiration, sometimes envy over our natural copper locks. Doubting Thomases need only check out the hair coloring shelf. Better yet, be astounded by the quantity of facts, quotes, lists of famous redheaded people on the Internet. Beware, many Web sites deal with prurient interests, but I guess that’s part of the redhead mystic.

Many people have made comments about my red hair that it finally made me think about how hair color shapes my own personality.

Mum said she was the happiest women alive when she gave birth to me and my sister who is also a redhead.  Redheaded babies are often big surprises and lead to milkman jokes, but, in this case my mum was a redhead before becoming a whitehead.

For all you redheads, wannabees, admirers and disdainers, here’s some neat stuff.

Thomas Jefferson, Mark Twain, Julia Roberts, Yosemite Sam, Ronald McDonald and Lucille Ball (who said, “Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.”) are among some of the best-known redheads.

Believe it or not, there is a “Redhead Encyclopedia” compiled by Stephen Douglas. Though I’ve not been lucky enough to pursue a copy, I know it confirms that natural redheads make up only 2 percent of the U.S. population. The country with the most number is Scotland with 13 percent, followed closely by Ireland at 10 percent.

Most hair stylist can tell you, redheads have some of the thickest hair, not the most number of strands but the thickest. An average head of hair has about 100,000 strands. Redheads average 900,000; blondes 120,000.

Did you know that redheads don’t turn into grayheads? The strands turn sandy and then white, as attested by my own cayenne locks that now have salt at the temples.

Red hair has not always been a good thing. During the “Mid-Evil Ages” thousands of redheads were burned as witches simply because of hair color. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth I, historians say, was the first to make the hair color popular, though we know it has been around at least 3,000 years because of redheaded mummies found in China.

Today’s hair lesson ends on the note of Bruce Springsteen:

“Man, you ain’t lived

“Till you’ve had your tires rotated

“By a redheaded woman.”


November 19, 2006 - Posted by | Be

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  1. I’m currently having a major crush on my boss. She’s a gorgeous redhead. At the beginning I did’nt found her atractive, but as time passed I realized that she’s so beautiful, with her long smooth carrot colored hair.

    She has also some freckles which i would love to kiss one by one…


    Comment by SpanItalian | May 14, 2009 | Reply

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