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I saw Dr. Peters on Thursday. She shed some light on what’s going on with my stomach and intestines. I finally have answers! Why my stomach is always making noises. Why I have dropped 15 pounds without going to the gym in two weeks? Why I’m tired all of the time? Why I’m no longer myself?
I have been getting a lot of comments and questions like “are you hungry or I need some food because I can hear my stomach growling”. Where is your weight going too? Why don’t you want to go hiking or shopping? How can you sleep 12 hours a day? Why can you eat out?

To be honesty with everyone, I can’t go to the bathroom; I’m bleed a lot and I just want to be home with my cat. I wish it could stop. What Dr. Peters said, “I could have 1 of 3 things or all three, I’m praying for Gastroesophaged Reflex disease, but she’s saying Crohn’s Disease.

Three diseases I could have:
Crohn’s Disease
Peptic Ulcer Disease
Gastroesphaged Reflex Disease

I’m still waiting on my bleed work and I have two GI (upper and lower) exams coming.

Dr. Peters referred me to a Digestive Disease Specialist. That appointment is Monday, November 27 at 3:30 pm with Mohammed A. Sharfi.

I’ll have another update after that appointment about what’s going on.


November 18, 2006 - Posted by | Be

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